Volunteer Opportunities

Bloktoberfest offers a TON of opportunities to get involved with the festival that can accommodate all busy schedules! Below is a sampling of the standard opportunities that are available, but we are always open to any creative contributions! Contact us with any questions or ideas, or go ahead and register to volunteer!

Super Volunteers

A festival of Bloktoberfest’s size needs multiple dedicated and trusted point people on the day of the event to help keep the day running smoothly, and that’s where our Super Volunteers come in! Responsibilities for Super Volunteers range from serving as an Area Captain/Leader to being an extra pair of hands throughout the day! Over the years, we’ve found that a fair amount of Bloktoberfest volunteers have such a blast, they end up volunteering all day! If this sounds like you, let us know, so we can properly account for your help the day of the event!

Pre-Festival Logistics

Have a conflict and can’t volunteer on the day of the festival? No problem! There are tons of opportunities in the weeks leading up to the festival to help out! Some examples include flyering cars parked in the neighborhood, advertising and spreading the word at similar festivals leading up to Bloktoberfest like Night Market, footprint marking and prep, and supply organization and prep!


Are you an early bird that would like to get your volunteer shift out of the way, so you can enjoy every second of Bloktoberfest? Then, the set-up shift is perfect for you! From the second the street is officially closed for set-up until the start of the festival, there are a lot of moving parts to get everything up and running, and we need all hands on deck! Example jobs for the set-up crew include but are not limited to: traffic control, equipment set-up, station set-up, and sign placement.

Ticket Sales

Do you consider yourself a natural salesperson and have excellent customer service skills? Can you sell Bloktoberfest’s mission in a quick elevator speech and upsell patrons while quickly processing transactions? Then, we need you at ticket sales! Ticket sales volunteers are patrons’ first customer touch point and the front lines for explaining Blokotberfest’s pricing structure and beer sales. Moreover, ticket sales volunteers are uniquely positioned to sell additional Bloktoberfest products and services (like usable cups, t-shirts and VIP Zone tickets!), which greatly helps Bloktoberfest maximize the proceeds we can contribute to local charities!


Are you the go to person for pouring beer from a keg as quickly and with as little head as possible? Do you consider yourself a beer connoisseur that can speak to beers’ different attributes and make recommendations based on people’s likes and preferences? Then, we need you at one of our beer zones! Like tickets sales, we need folks with strong customer service and sales skills to interact with patrons and ensure a high quality customer experience. Moreover, every single drop of beer we can get out of a keg and quickly distribute to customers helps maximize the proceeds we can donate to charitable causes!


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