Sponsor Testimonials

Not only is Bloktoberfest looking to expand outreach efforts this year, Bloktoberfest is also looking to procure and develop corporate sponsorships and partnerships. To date, the primary revenue stream for Bloktoberfest has been day of ticket sales. Moving forward, however, Bloktoberfest would like to strategically diversify its revenue mix to maximize proceeds raised for charitable organizations.

Last year, Bloktoberfest actively and strategically focused on sponsor partnerships, and below are some testimonials from a few of the many satisfied sponsors:

2018 Gold Sponsor

“Throughout my four-month experience in preparation with the festival, I found working with [Bloktoberfest] to be both enjoyable and efficient.  [Their] timely responses to email correspondence and phone calls made for quick turnaround time on all of my requests. [Bloktoberfest] ensured various aspects of our sponsorship were addressed including coordinating and managing relationships with local businesses to ensure easy product delivery, and facilitating sponsorship banners and print materials. [Bloktoberfest] also handled all aspects of permitting and handling the challenging vendor foot print needs my organization demanded.  [Their] understanding of festivals, and how community interaction plays a role in the success of an event is unparalleled and incredibly useful.”

2018 Bronze Sponsor

“Thanks so much for having us at Bloktoberfest!  While I didn't have a chance to be on-site, my brand ambassadors let me know that they really enjoyed the event.  We performed really well from participating and actually had the best results from Bloktoberfest out of all four of the events we worked that weekend.  I don't have much more feedback to provide since I was not on-site, but I would love to work with you again on any future events.”

2018 Bronze Sponsor

“I received great feedback about the attendance, and I know my team had a very smooth move in process. We also performed quite well. I really appreciated the detailed move-to-site sheets that were shared, as they are a huge part of me being able to disseminate information to my team.  Thanks so much for having us, and we look forward to working with you again next year.”


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