Sponsorship Benefits

Not just limited to charitable goodwill, Bloktoberfest sponsorships are structured to maximize brand exposure and produce a significant return on investment for sponsors. There are many great reasons to sponsor Bloktoberfest, including but not limited to:


Numerous studies have shown that festivals and other similar events have a significant positive economic impact on the local community.

For example, according to a recent study, the ODUNDE Festival, which annually caps off a week-long celebration of African-American art and culture in Philadelphia, is estimated to have the following economic impact within the City of Philadelphia:

  • $17.6 million of direct expenditures (total visitor spending)

  • $10.4 million of indirect and induced expenditures

  • $28.0 million of total aggregate economic impact

Moreover, in an opinion piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Jay-Z, the founder of the Made in America Concert and Festival, which takes place Labor Day weekend on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, explains that since the festival’s establishment in 2012, Made in America has:

  • Had a $102.8 million impact on the city [of Philadelphia];

  • Paid the city [of Philadelphia] $3.4 million in rent; and

  • Donated $2.9 million to the United Way of Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.

Like ODUNDE and Made in America, Bloktoberfest generates a lot of foot traffic, which in turn, tremendously benefits businesses and vendors, both temporary and brick-and-mortar, in and around the festival footprint. Sponsoring Bloktoberfest can help sponsors capture additional business though by showcasing and highlighting the sponsors’ brands on the day of and leading up to the festival.


 Build Hyper-Local Brand Awareness

 Bloktoberfest regularly draws a large crowd upwards of 15,000-20,000 attendees on the day of the festival.  Moreover, Bloktoberfest also attracts a specific audience.

Depending on the sponsorship level, Bloktoberfest sponsors have ample opportunities to advertise and promote their business on the day of the festival (e.g. tent presence, day of signage, merchandise branding, etc), building brand awareness amongst this large, targeted audience.  In addition to this day of exposure, sponsors can also be promoted on the Bloktoberfest website and social media channels, which draw large followings in and of themselves, leading up to the festival.

For instance, the Bloktoberfest website drove upwards of 32,000 pageviews from 10,000 unique visitors during the first two weeks of October 2018. In addition, despite a minimal marketing spend in 2018, the Facebook event for last year’s Bloktoberfest reached over 100,000 people and engaged almost 5,000 people. Moreover, Bloktoberfest’s boosted Facebook posts in 2017 reached between 15,000-30,000 people per day!


Align with a Positive, Charitable Brand

“Cause marketing,” a corporate social responsibility initiative that for-profit brands employ to drive new business through partnerships with social or charitable causes, has grown from a $120 million industry in 1990 to $2.06 billion in 2017. In addition, numerous studies have also shown that aligning with charitable and socially-responsible causes can directly impact the bottom line. For example, according to Brandwatch:

  • Lush Cosmetics’ SpyCops campaign, which raised awareness around undercover police officers and their actions, resulted in a 14% year-over-year increase in sales during the period of the campaign.

  • Benefiting One Warm Coat, a non-profit that provides free coats to those in need, Maker’s Mark’s “Give Cozy, #GetCozy” Truck Tour campaign drove 26.41 million impressions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and resulted in 40K new followers.

  • The Economist’s inaugural Pride and Prejudice event, which focused on the business case for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) diversity and inclusion, reached 17 million users on their social media channels and generated 145,000 social media interactions.

Bloktoberfest is widely recognized by those in the community and in the media as a strong pillar of and asset to the community, and as described above, sponsors can benefit considerably from partnering with Bloktoberfest and its strongly positive brand.

Furthermore, Bloktoberfest is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. —————————-be a Zero Waste event. In collaboration with the City of Philadelphia's Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet, the Festival is dedicated to significantly reducing waste and using compostable supplies and resources wherever possible. Come be a part of this amazing movement with us!

oreover, as an Official Zero Waste Partner of the City of Philadelphia’s Clean PHL campaign, Bloktoberfest is committed to becoming more sustainable and reducing its impact on the environment.


 Produce a significant return on investment

In today’s business world, every precious dollar spent needs to generate value and contribute to the bottom line.  Because measuring the return on investment for marketing campaigns can be tricky, these expenditures are under a particular amount of scrutiny and often saddled with aggressive expectations and metrics.

One of Bloktoberfest’s priorities though is to manage corporate sponsor relationships, so that all sponsors realize a (if not, significant) return on investment.  Last year’s sponsors realized returns, and Bloktoberfest looks forward to continuing the trend this year. To illustrate the value Bloktoberfest brings, below are some testimonials from a few of last year’s participating sponsors: