Grant Process 

Annually following the festival, Bloktoberfest conducts a grant application and evaluation process, soliciting grant applications from a number of local non-profit organizations. The application process is highly competitive, as last year alone, Bloktoberfest received $150,000 in funding requests! With the move to Washington Ave, Bloktoberfest hopes to grow the festival and significantly increase the amount of available funding, and below is a review of the overall grant application and selection process.


Bloktoberfest does not require a formal grant proposal. However, applicants must provide certain information, including: (1) the category of funding the potential grantee falls under (i.e., education, greening, public safety, etc.); (2) the use to which the funds will be placed; and (3) a plan for how the funds will be used.

The application will be opened up closer to the festival. However, last year’s application is available for review. Furthermore, below are some useful pointers to help guide potential applicants through the grant selection process:

  • Bloktoberfest’s core mission is to foster a sense of community in the City of Philadelphia, and grant applicants must detail how their grant will further this mission. Past grants have primarily focused on (1) education; (2) greening/beautification; and (3) community development. However, Bloktoberfest is always open to new and creative ways applicants propose fostering a sense of community!

  • Grant applicants must be a registered as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, or have a registered 501(c)3 organization sponsor their application. If the applicant is not a registered 501(c)3, or does not have a qualified 501(c)3 sponsor, the application will be immediately disqualified from consideration.

  • Bloktoberfest grants are intended to fully fund projects and not subsidize general operating budgets. This is a common misstep for first-time applicants, so start brainstorming your project ideas now!

  • Grant amounts typically range from $1,000 to $5,000 though applicants are encouraged to not feel limited in their ask!

  • A detailed budget with supplemental quotes, if applicable, is required, as applicants must be specific in describing and outlining how the funds will be used for their proposed project.


Applications are due shortly after the festival and are reviewed by the Bloktoberfest Board quickly after the application deadline. Applicants will be promptly notified of their grant’s status, and if selected, presented with the funds before the close of the current calendar year.

If selected, recipients must abide by the following guidelines. Failure to abide by these guidelines could result in being disqualified from any future Bloktoberfest grants.

  • The proposed project must be fully executed by the following September.

  • The funds must be used for the purpose set forth in the grant application. Any deviation from the stated purpose of funding requires prior written approval from Bloktoberfest.

  • Wherever and whenever possible, Bloktoberfest must be recognized as a financial sponsor (e.g. physical signage, social media posts/tags, website recognition, etc).

  • Before the next year’s grant cycle, recipients must provide a year-end report with the following information:

    • How the funds for the grant were spent;

    • How the project impacted the community;

    • How Bloktoberfest was branded and/or publicized as a financial sponsor throughout the year;

    • Any lessons learned or opportunities for improvement, if applicable; and

    • Several high-resolution pictures.

Have additional questions on the grant process, application and/or would like to receive regular updates on Bloktoberfest grant cycles, please contact us!