Over the past decade, Bloktoberfest has donated over $350,000 to the local community and spurred significant economic development on the South St West business corridor. These efforts have not gone unnoticed, and below are just a few of the many endorsements Bloktoberfest has received from community leaders!


Marcus Ferreira


South St West Business Association

“As the chair of South Street West I have had the pleasure of working with The Bloktoberfest Committee over the years as the festival outgrew its original location on Christian Street and maintained an annual residency on South Street between Broad Street and 18th Streets. Now sadly, from my perspective, the festival is again relocating to a different location, but to the benefit of the local charities that it generates money for, given Washington Avenue’s increased capacity to accommodate a continually growing festival.

Over the years that Bloktoberfest has been held on South Street, it served to increase the profile of the South Street West Commercial Corridor, by allowing us to show off our various commercial offerings to the 20,000+ annual attendees who might not otherwise have occasion to visit our stores, shops and restaurants who, by and large, report banner sales during the festival. In essence, the festival serves as a regional and even national draw to a corridor that was otherwise primarily neighborhood serving. This is type of exposure is essential to any corridor or business who wants to expand its reputation and scope.

While we can credit our own shopkeepers, restaurants and personal service providers for doing the day to day work that has expanded the success of the corridor, Bloktoberfest provided the once a year injection of additional exposure and revenue that has greatly accelerated the corridor’s regeneration from “down and out” status to “up and coming,” with many observers comparing South Street west of Broad, favorably to the more famous eastern portion. I see no reason why a similar positive effect would not be experienced on Washington Avenue, west of Broad Street, except on grander scale.

It must further be noted that the Bloktoberfest Committee has been responsive to requests over the years raised by our membership regarding mundane concerns that arise during festival planning, such as hours of operation, maintaining access, not placing food trucks next to similar concept brick and mortar restaurants, the placement of stages, and even porta-potties. This has made it easy to welcome Bloktoberfest back each year and now makes it difficult for our corridor to say goodbye.

Lastly, please note that of all the major recurring festivals in Philadelphia, Bloktoberfest is the only one with a local charitable focus. Each year the festival generates thousands of dollars that are fed back into the community. Now, as Point Breeze is developing, the festival in its new location, can assist non-profits on both sides of Washington Avenue, as a means to bridge the gap between our communities and in that regard the new location is very important symbolically and in its actual positive impact.”



Nicole Koedyker

Executive Director

South of South Neighborhood Association (SOSNA)

“We are writing this letter in support of Bloktoberfest, Inc. South of South Neighborhood Association (SOSNA) has consistently partnered with Bloktoberfest’s annual event and their fundraising efforts have led to successful investments in our neighborhood projects and initiatives. Over the last few years, we’ve received funding from Bloktoberfest for street cleaning, public space beautification, neighborhood safety improvements, and the creation of Carpenter Green Park.

As a whole, the organization has been easy to work with and their process for reviewing grant applications is thorough and detail-oriented.  We’re excited to see the organization grow and can only imagine the type of impact they can have as they reach more people in South Philadelphia.”



Captain Michael O’Donnell

17th District

Philadelphia Police Department

“I am writing this letter in support of Bloktoberfest. Before I go into specifics, I would like to express that Bloktoberfest positively impacts the South Philadelphia Community in many ways. Bloktoberfest has been a staple of the community for the past 10 years. During this time, their work has enhanced both the community and our district.

As a community partner, Bloktoberfest has raised over $300,000 for local non-profit organizations. They have also spurred economic development on the South Street corridor, specifically west of Broad Street, in what was at one time a fledgling area. Bloktoberfest also assists our Police District Advisory Council with generous grants.

Thanks to Bloktoberfest grants of over $8,000, the 17th District has been able to host several events and make significant improvements to the district. Bloktoberfest funds have allowed us to host numerous Coffee with Cop events, which build our partnership with the local community. These funds also afforded us the opportunity to restore the 17th District’s front mural and plant trees and flowers on the west side of our building. Furthermore, Bloktoberfest donates to our Annual Blue Ribbon Event and awards scholarships to Pennsylvania State Police Explorers, young people who are interested in a career in law enforcement.

Bloktoberfest has been a true beacon of light in the South Philadelphia Community for a decade. Their good work and generosity effects our community in countless, positive ways. I wholeheartedly support their continued participation as a valued community partner. “



Mechelle Sabb

Deputy Director of Operations

Managing Directors Office

City of Philadelphia

“Over the past 10 years, the Office of Special Events (OSE) has watched Bloktoberfest grow into a successful annual event. They have always managed to consult with the office on best practices and ensure that their permits were submitted on time. Furthermore, as OSE has incorporated additional requirements into the planning phase of events, Bloktoberfest has made certain to incorporate these changes into their plans. too. This includes small details, such as the layout of vendors, to larger changes like developing an alcohol management plan or thinking outside of the box for ways to incorporate better waste management initiatives in becoming more sustainable. We look forward to their continued growth over the years as they shift their location from South Street to Washington Avenue.”


Rev Sparkman.jpg

Reverend Edward Sparkman

Shiloh Baptist Church

“It is an honor that I am able to speak on behalf of our church and our relationship with Bloktoberfest.  Shiloh was one of the initial sponsors of Bloktoberfest at its inception in 2008, and we continue to support and participate in the annual event.  This event has grown and has been successful because of its attraction to our entire South Philadelphia community. We are in full support of Bloktoberfest and the assistance the event provides in sustaining and supporting the South Philadelphia community.”